Anyone living in the north side of the country , is pretty much aware about every Girl’s Shopping paradise and the answer to all the prayers , or lets say just shopping prayers ,Called Sarojini Nagar.

Sarojini Nagar is a open market sprawled across in the southern part of the city. It’s a hub for everything you need .. be it apparels, shoes, accessories or even home decor.
Located in the New Delhi, Capital of the country, One can find the best of all the brands , be it indian or international. All of them right here for $2 !! isn’t it , amazing !!!
Since all the products at the high street brands are manufactured in the developing nations and a lot of them pass through Indian subcontinent . Most of them , make it to Sarojini Nagar Market or “SN” as we lovingly call it , as Export rejects or export surplus. 
This time, as a semi annual event, I paid visit to the dearly beloved flea market and laid some hands on fantastic new pieces, some of them are from Zara or high street brands found commonly in the country however a few were from the one NOT found here.. and i am talking about , one of the most loved brands ; Urban Outfitters. 
The accessories start at as low as Rs.30 or 50 cents. Such amazing traditional pieces, accompanied with some boho pieces and some funky chic colourful ones. 
In my finds, I laid my hands on skirts are from Zara, The Blue Dress and the denim Jacket from Gap, The lavender Dress from Urban Outfitters  and the white Knot all for Rs.150. The neck piece is for Rs. 50
Hope you guys like it 

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