Finally, Its time for the wardrobe shuffle , since spring is just around the corner.
However , to be completely honest.. it feels as if Delhi has decided to Skip Spring and land straight into the Summer season. I am  constantly struggling and contemplating, as to ; why my app shows the current temp at 36 degrees Celcius in March?

 Anyways.. moving on from the weather blues … since I am more of a summer person than the harsh cold winters.. its time to shuffle the wardrobe and buy new cute easy breezy summer outfits.

As far as my style is concerned . I am always on the lookout for the classy pieces than just simple short lived trend items . Needless to say, without breaking the bank… I have few outfits in my wardrobe that dates as back as 2011 or even earlier.
So, when I say I invest in pieces for long association , I actually mean it!!
Here are few of my favourite new pieces which start from as low as Rs.990 or $15.

One of my favourite are these pairs of  Culottes from ZARA, they are perfect blend of Woollen and Acrylic .. the fit is classy, the way I like it – Not too tight and Not too loose either, in all a classy affair.

Jumpsuit : Zara for Rs.3990 or $50 (approx)

I have a love affair with dresses and Jumpsuit and  I have a very viable reason for the undying love : Its a WHOLE OUTFIT in ONE!!
Think about it..  I don’t have to bother pairing them and making them look chic or otherwise (a girl is allowed to goof-up , at times ) . They can also be a go-to outfit when one is facing a little time crunch.
So for the very same reason, I invest in dresses and jumpsuit which have a classic fit and MOST importantly the fabric should NEVER BE CHEAP.  I believe the fabric speaks for it self. There is no point in buying a perfect fit high end dress in the polyester or viscose material. Therefore, I prefer to indulge in fabrics like Crepe, silk or a simple Cotton blend .

The Blue dress with red and grey stripes on sleeves from Tommy Hilfiger fits like a glove and the crepe fabric just speaks for it self when I say – Its a Classic Piece.

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger from Rs.3326 or $50 approx

The stripe Dress is a simple cotton dress with nautical feel.

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger from Rs.2805 or $42

As far as the new Jumpsuit goes.. Well!!… I am not a big advocate of prints. However, the moment I saw it.. I was contemplating as to , should I indulge in prints or should I skip to plains as usual. However, the print somehow gave me a feel of a Chanel Box- Dainty Black box with White Simple Font. As simple as it gets. So, I made an exception to to my usual choice and indulged in Prints.

Jumpsuit : Zara for Rs.3990 or $50 (approx)

The Midi dress.. Lets say the print screamed spring to me and most importantly the satin piping on the neck and beyond oozed a classy affair . The fact that its my first black printed dress just made me indulge in it even more.

Midi Dress: Zara Rs. 2490 or $38 (approx)

Now comes the part where I was most excited about; the DENIM Skirt or lets put it; MY VERY FIRST HIGH WAISTED DENIM SKIRT.
A classy piece , can be dressed down and be worn with sneaker and t-shirt or be paired with a classy box white shirt and Nude high heels.
A piece for the perfect blend of styles. May I also take a moment and gasp about the price as well? Just how amazing was the deal.

Top: Zara Rs.1190 or $17 (approx),  Denim Skirt : Jabong Brand Camla Rs. 920 ($14 approx)

There are a few other items in the list as well. This includes ; Ripped Jeans,  Green Printed Ruffled Top , Pink Ribber T-shirt with Faux Fur Sleeves and Pink Sweatshirt with Pearls.

Hope you guys like it.


Top : Rs. 790 ($12 approx) & Denim : Zara 1490 ($22 approx)

Top and Denim : Zara and Shoes :,  Top: Rs.990 ($14 approx) , Denim : Rs.1190 ($17 approx) and Shoes Rs. 1099 ($17 approx)
Sweatshirt : Zara Rs.1890 or $28 (approx)

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