Coming from a girl who is new to makeup, any things and everything is appeasing to the eyes. Even though, everything does look like a shiny new toy on close inspection “the object in the mirror are “NOT –ME” than they appear.”
They fail to posses the capability to make me run for it sooner or call it – MY Style or simply loving it!!
Amongst all the noise of the newly launched makeup and ever-new packaging comes a subtle but a bright beacon of shining new star: MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection.
When the Instagram stories across the beauty world went viral with the collection introduction. Which I must add was for a very limited period. I expected this collection to be quite similar to their show: loud, over the top, flashy but still very addicted (if I am allowed to share my honest opinion).
Owing to my great Surprise, I decided to indulge on this new adventure. Ended up with the Powder Blush Duo (Buddy), Eye shadow (Worthy) and a my new found favorite Lipstick (Rock It!) from the collection.
MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection : Rock It!

Whenever I think of Caitlyn I was always envision her in light makeup with the bright lipstick. Contrary to my opinion, I found a prodigious Nude lipstick, which is natural, Light, a little pink and in short MY PERFECT NUDE.
MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection : Buddy

The blush duo on the other hand looks natural and needs to be build-up.
No-where during the time I play makeup with the blush, it makes my look made up. It looks natural and adds a perfect blend to my cheeks
MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection : Worthy

Since, I was playing makeup. I decided to go for a richer colour for the Eye shadow. Quite different from my, usual choice (subtle and light). The colour was highly pigmented and I must add beautiful. to the extend of being proclaimed Royal (by me of course).
Available at all leading stores and in India through I had most fun in trying out this collection.
Caitlyn Jenner collection is everything different from the persona of expectation. Packed in beautiful gold metallic, the collection is refined, alive, sublte and just classy.  I must add: TO MY GREAT SURPRISE.
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