A New entrant to my vanity is the Matte Collection. I just couldn’t have enough of them. My recent obsession with the Matte selection led me to the Matte Lipsticks and of course my all time favourite ; Matte Nail Paints the NUDE edition.

First lets me tell you about the Matte Lipstick ; There are two types – One is the Lip Crayon , now before you get all judgemental with the cost and shenanigans attached with the word Lip Crayon, let me tell you – this is much much much affordable than an average drugstore lipstick and the colours are even netter than Clinique , Booby brown one.. If I am allowed to say that.. I have them both but the colour is so pretty and it stayed on for more than 6 hours !!! Can you believe that !!! Just one touch in the morning and I was set for the day !!! 

Lip Crayon- Pink on Fleek
The second comes the mother of all Matte Lipstick !! – SO MATTE! Collection which is the best solution available when you want a Lipstick with the finish of any great  L’oreal lipstick (if you haven’t guessed it by now… I am biased towards L’oreal !!)  beside the pint.. anyways .. the lipstick has the rich finish of L’oreal and Colour so vibrant that it would give all your high end .. and I mean all HIGH end lipstick a run for their money.. Coming from the girl who loves her YSL’s and Dior Rouge collection. Just out of this world.. which stated on for the WHOLE DAY !!! 

So Matte! – Pink Brat
The new entrants to my vanity are the Matte Nude Nail colours..now I know that people would feel that you can convert any of your favourite nail paints with just one coat of Rimmel.. However My whole idea of buying these Nude shades were solely for the colours… Such beautiful .. Rich.. NUDES.. never in my entire 2 decades of existence I have come across such beautiful colours at a price range of Just $3 or Rs.199/- Look at the colours.. and you will fall in love with them .. like it have.. my favourite has to be Nougat Bar.. Looks great on hands and if they can look good on my hand (which have darker knuckles and stuff) they will look outstanding on you .
Nykaa Matte Nail Paints – Pink Ruffle, Nougat Bar & Corny Creampuff
Hope you like this one

Tanz Worldd
Pink Ruffle

Nougat Bar

Corny Creampuff

Nykaa So Matte !! – Pink Brat

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