Amidst the  plethora of subscription box available, some offering beauty and skincare sample size products of various brands (lets be honest we have’nt heard much about)  and then there a few offering a  variety of fashion jewellery (which has very little to do with classic pieces and are more into the in you face statement pieces)

Now, i have nothing against any of these available variety however, I belong the demographic is puzzled with  the idea as to how many sample size skin regime products or the jewellery pieces I require. Since they all offer surfeit quantity every month!!

I would also like to honest here and  share that I hardly make changes to my skincare regimre owing to the sensitive skin I have been gifted with (dont ask !, the struggle is quite real ).

So , if you are like me , which fancy not much of these superabundance of variety of the products i hardly require.   Then I have one kind of subscription box that is right up your alley and that is the FASHION SUBSCRIPTION BOX.

The fashion subscription boxes are the kinds that give you a package deal for the outfit. This includes clothing, accessories, , bags, shoes .. you name it and its part of the box.

Sounds Interesting ?? Isnt it ?

Here comes my second found new fashion subscription box on the block called the – STYLE CRACKER (first one being SNOB BOX).To be honest this was one of those purchases that Instagram made me buy . However backed by big names of the industry like Alia Bhatt, I was quite happy to land on their page.

The box includes a complete outfit which includes clothing item accompanied with the jewellery, pair of sunglasses, hair accessory and shoes. A ONE COMPLETE LOOK. To add to the opulence the items part of the box have been curated from different brands which we all have heard about at some point or the other like.. like the Open pink jacket was from Label Life and the sandals were from the brand called Dressberry.

The process to order  is quite simple..
* Go to their website
* Choose the number of items you want in the box ( I chose five items in the box)
* Make the corresponding payment (since they are new on the block a few offers with 20-30% off are quite easily available)
* You will receive the confirmation of the payment on your mail accompanied with the link to the detailed survey which is quite detailed indeed.
* Post the survey , the designated stylist would give you a call to know a little more about your style which the survey might have missed.
* Within 10 working days the box is right on your doorstep.

I would also like to share that I ordered 5 items and I received 7 which was quite surprising and I also have the liberty to make it a one time purchase or a monthly one.

Its like ..  unboxing your very own gift every time . whats better than receiving a complete outfit with every bit of surprise elements.


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