There is a time during the year.. when I crave for new additions in my closets.. not necessarily, the classic pieces from BCBG or something at a high street prices from Topshop or Zara, since these form part of my wardrobe for quite a while… and I mean Years…

Here, I am referring to the time.. when I see all the people flooding my Instagram with trendy pieces,  which i know for a fact are FAD rather than trend..
These pieces are bound to  loose out its charm sooner than my highlights..  but still I am charmed by the constant photo bombardment on my little App.. working strategically and successfully at captivating my mind and making me add these pieces to my cart.

However the frugal girl in me…which stands at the tallest hour,  makes me make ONE wise decision. Rather than going for my patent high street brands.. I resort to my one of my favourite online outlet; Shein

Elaborating,  the reason for making it , my fav go to for Fad clothes is simply this ; they are a house for ALL the clothes and trends that ones sees in the mall at 1/4 the price. SIMPLE isnt it .. trust me I am not sponsored to say any of it .

Here are a few of my pics from the recent shopping-escapade.. for a look alike high street fashion looks.

Links for the outfits are mentioned in the captions.

Hope you guys like it.

Fringe Trim Tweed Overall

Polka Dot Self Tie Dress:

Wrap Tie Crop Tie :

Scallop Laser Cut Blouse :  

Off Shoulder Jungle Print Top : 

Tassel Tie V Neck :

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