Not many times during one’s stint on the routine online window shopping leads you to a perfect blush leave alone a complete palette. Blushes are special.. more than an eyeshadow for me. Since they help in giving that rosy cheek pinch finish and also lends some much needed colour. Never in my entire stint with makeup.. I could get away with a look with more than required eyeshadow like smokey eyes and what nots of the world .. lets put it this way ; all the fire away eye looks never lead me to a perfect  look sans the blush.. hence blushes are most important. Whether in the tint form or cream or powder thats a subjective issue.
Now coming back to the my recent online window shopping stint (please don’t judge me !!) I came across a palette, from LA girl.. Now this is the brand I have heard lot about but never tried anything or lets put it this way it didn’t entice me to try it as well. 
Since I am basic girl who loves a more than grand packaging.. infact half of the stuff in my vanity is solely there because of the packaging. If not , then how would I explain the presence of the Caitlyn Jenner Mac collection perfect gold packaged blush which is suitable for lets say 50 plus and I am not even half way there.
Anyways.. enough of jibber jabber.. I came across the blush palette.. which is the first for me.. it was beautiful package with 4 different things in one: 2 blushes , 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter.
Now the pink blush plates caught my eye.. since I was getting four things in under $13 or  Rs.900. Last time I checked,  the infamous blush alone costed me more than $25. The frugal girl in me screamed to try this on. Now even though I didn’t had much hope from it. The blush on me looked… well lets say – Divine !!! (If I am allowed to say so!) 
I am so pale and then on top of that the foundations makes me even paler.. blush lends that natural rosy cheek finish to it. I had the option of choosing two between pink and peach .. whatever suits the mood of the day.
The highlighter could be given a miss.. I mean its sheer plain white block that adds nothing.. except award chalky finish to the face mixed with sparkle .. who could come up with a highlighter like that ??
The hero in this whole package was the bronzer. Now .. let me explain.. the blushes are beautiful and so perfect.. however I find bronzers in general to be a very harsh colour .. harsh golden brown which aims at providing definition which requires expertise of a professional.. since my previous bronzer sits awkwardly on my face next to the nose and the depths of my cheeks..
This LA girl bronzer on the other hand was just beautiful.. it lends much needed colour to the pale face after the rendezvous with the foundation and also helps in giving that subtle definition. There is no harm in admitting I am no professional. Despite my questionable makeup skills.. It was a perfect glowing bronze colour bronzer that is undoubtedly my fav.
Love this blush palette. Much needed.. thanks for finding me 🙂

Tanz Worldd

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