After hearing a lot about the Tea Detox rituals all over Social Media. I decided to try my hand at it as well. Owing to this here is my First Hand Review of the Skinny Mint Tea .
There are plethora of pages selling similar products.. even the tele commercials are filled with them.. The deal breaker for the CHOSEN ONE was : Unedited BEFORE and AFTER pics.. These pictures were NOT of the Girls with perfectly sculpted abs (if you are one of them – I ENVY You !!! ) . These pictures were of the girls like me with the real love for food & Lattes with occasional (nah!!! Regular ) chocolate binge nights , doesn’t mind a casual encounter with the spinning classes or Yoga  and who is always striving for the Near Perfect abs with the easiest and minimum effort required.
Next thing I knew, I placed my very first order for my very FIRST Skinny Mint Tea (28 Days Teatox) for around $40 ,my emotions at the time of checkout was ; You better be worth it !!
The package came with Two packs ; Morning Boost (28 Tea bags) and Night Cleanse (14 Tea bags) along with a set of instructions/introduction accompanied by a freebee.
Exuberantly, it was the time to start my Tet-tox. On the day of receiving the shipment , As instructed, I took the first Night cleanse (dip the tea bag in a cup of hot water for 2 mins max). The taste was pretty much like any other Green tea but a little denser. Followed it up with morning boost in the mornings which tasted much milder and sweet.
Now , I waited for the magic to happen.To my great dismay, I felt no major difference, in my antics or my metabolism.I am not those kinds who stand on the weighing scale every single day. Instantaneously, I decided to take a progress picture after 5 days..
Reluctantly, I compared the two pics. I was in for a SHOCK !!!!
My stomach was flat and finally had a shape. Who would have guessed I had stomach worthy of a shape. I looked leaner , non-cheated against the false promised  and most importantly HAPPY !! Needless, to say this ebullient rendezvous with my easiest Fitness game made me complete the 28 day ritual. I tend to wander off the Newly acquired fitness game easily but in my defence; winters make me Torpid and so does Summer…
After 28 days ;I Lost 4kgs & 6inches and Gained a Grin !!
At the end, I feel I have cracked the Vinci’s code to a leaner me whenever I am feeling a little…, Lets say in love with food and under the weather.
(Before and after pics along with the Detailed review on my Youtube Channel.)

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