Ever since grade school, when we were taught to name THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD,  (obviously the old list) I would often wonder how would they look in real life. I would like to ignore the fact, that I also use to hate memorising the name of the seven wonders along with the cities they were situated in, however this is the topic of discussion for some other time 

Now coming back to the topic, seven wonders always enticed me to imagine, as to how majestic they would be, for them to be decorated with such prestigious tag. After many years, I got the chance to see a few of them and little did I know that I would soon get the opportunity to  see ALL them, Yes ! I saw all the SEVEN WONDERS.

This is my time where, I would  share my experience with the Egyptian Pyramids ; GIZA PYRAMIDS. situated in the heart of Cairo.  We reached there in 7 hours and two flights later from India. Since it was a little late in the evening and we were travelling with our baby, we decided to call it a day and not explore the city, like we use to ,pre-baby era .

Anyhow, the next morning, we welcomed the day with the sunrise (thanks to the time difference and our baby) . We decided to have breakfast by river nile, thanks to Sofitel Hotel , Cairo. Situated at the banks of river nile (unlike most of the prominent hotels ),  the stay there was a delight, I would highly recommend this property.

Now was our time to explore the MYSTICAL PYRAMIDS. We set out with our private tour guide for a car ride of about 30 mins and soon we reached the Pyramids of Giza. Where you can see not one , not two but THREE Pyramids all together. All have been created by Different rulers spanning between different decades or even centuries.

My first reaction to the see the pyramids was , and I quote ” WOW ” with my mouth open for a good 15-20 seconds.  The reaction is also attributed to the see of humanity before, Around and ON  the Pyramids. the Sheer number just took my breath away and here I thought, I would have a quite rendezvous with the pyramids and try to understand what secrets and facts they hold.
Till now i was just flabbergasted to look at the number of people trying to get inside the pyramids, new construction opposite the pyramids and not to miss; a pizza joint . In all honesty,  this situation does take the mystic away from the mystical. My reaction or lets say absence of words , was well understood by our tour guide and he said reassuringly; the rush is only on the first one ,  once we get to the second one, it gets much better.

Our humble guide was absolutely right. The majestic feel of the mysticals pyramids, was only envisioned when he drove us 200 meters away and we were able to see all the three together. Standing  there majestically, mystically , decorated with history, stories of hidden treasures and the test of time . One can also take a camel ride , to visit a nearby picturesque spot (I refrained, since we don’t prefer to ride animals).

Around the pyramids of Giza, one can also see the Sphinx , with the backdrop of three pyramids. if you are have a paucity of time , you can visit the Sphinx and witness all of them together. There is also an option a light show in the evening.
Eventhough, the concrete jungle tries to put a dent to the expected vibe of mystic from the onset, however, once you are there , overlooking the three pyramids, you are transported to another era, where the history and stories of hidden treasure make way to your mind , your view and paradigm

A truly majestic, mystical site.
I also uploaded a travel vlog on my day in egypt.incase you like you may check it out here

Hope you like it .
Tanz Worldd

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