The hotel with Elegance ( as I would like to call it ) established  in 1952 still has the old world British charm studded with the opulent five star amenities.
As you may have guessed it by now, I tend to more partial towards Claridges since I am girl who loves, adores , breathes and craves for an old word lush charm.
Contrary to quote ;everything comes at price.. My stay was however complimentary owing to their annual membership which was taken solely to enjoy half off every-time we dine at Claridges. The freebees don’t end here ; complimentary couple spa services are also available.
I guess by now I have built my case for favouritism with panache.
I love the white lush of the hotel accompanied by the lush garden (one of my fav places to enjoy a glass on wine ) however my favourite part of the hotel is something else… Its their lush , shiny, grand and EXTRA Luxuriant passage to the room.                                 The place demands a photo-shoot !!! and so I did, sneakingly…
The room offered,  to the contrary of other complimentary stay was big ,comfy and I especially loved the little parlour area with a huge comfy sofa/lounger. Is it me alone, who finds the hard leather sofa, tends to neutralise the feeling of cosy and comfy ?
In evening we decided to have our dinner at Sevilla , a Spanish theme restaurant with European and Moroccan menu (Just to clarify this place is The only reason we give into buy their annual membership). Dining here transport us to a Mediterranean holiday. Voted as one of the most romantic places in Delhi ( by me !!! of course). The outdoor cabanas have a charm, that has led them to be the most chosen destination by the lovely couples to pop the question !!! (now, I think you can estimate the romance in the air of Sevilla). We ordered our usual ; Paella along with a Wood fired pizza to be accompanied with a nice bottle of Chardonnay. Needless to say we polished of everything.
Sevilla is a place to have meaningful conversations, Fall in love and transport yourself to a happy place.  The high point of my days are generally the few short hours , we spend at Sevilla. Always a mood changer.
Break fast was at Picwicks , the coffee shop . Hot and Delicious breakfast is all one needs to start the day with an overview of the garden. A perfect end to a glam stay.
For me Claridges is a place ; that takes me away from the city, by taking me to the heart of the city.
(as always , an Unsponsored Honest Review )

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