Flea market searches are  my favourite treasure hunts especially when it comes to the unimaginable bargain finds. Here is my tel-a -tel on my recent visits to the best flea market in town ; Sarojini Nagar (SN) situated in the heart of the national capital.
House for everything under the sun , from fashion finds, to home goods, to accessories to shoes to some scrumptious street food..
Anyhow , concentrating on My fashion finds only on this blog, I laid my hands on a few interesting pieces, from various high street brands. A lot of high street brands merchandise meant for export , ends up at SN owing to rejection or surplus quantity. It’s quite common to end up with lay various high street brands rejects with the brand tag , namely from ; zara, uniqlo, forever new, Gap etc.. you get the gist.

So, without wasting any more time.. here are my fashion finds .

Let’s start with the best find first;
-THE WHITE GOWN , decorated with delicate thread work all over along with the dainty pearl details. Its made up off delicate soft chiffon with a squinched waist details . got this one for Rs.500 or $5

Next are the TWO  CARDIGANS both in beautiful pastel colour, These are supremely warm almost cashmere finish. The coral cardigan came with the tag from Uniqlo. The other one is my favourite to wear , the beautiful lilac colour and high low fit . Both for Rs.150 or around $2

The next finds are TWO COATS, More on the frock fit or a similar to trench coat fit, can be worn as a dress however the feel is more like of a tweed blazer .
The pink one and the Beige both were each for Rs. 400 or $6 (approx)

I also landed up finding a beautiful midi length pink dress from Forever New, With a sweetheart neckline and looks more like a designer piece than a high street brand. A small disclaimer this dress is a little loose, wold have to get it tucked in by one inch, hence the loose fit . 
Hope you guys like it.

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