This is the time of the year when It’s Chilly as it gets.. no running away from it . My outfits are affixed with just one Constant ; Layers , Layers and More layers. However , Being warm does not
have to be without a fashionable twir.
So here I am sharing few of my favourite items of layering which have all been sourced all in a budget and these make a must haves when it comes to one’s Winter essential wardrobe.

First Essential  : Blazers
Blazes are My one stop solution when it comes to classy sharp dressing. You can pair it with pants or a sweatshirt dress. The outfit looks Sharp , Crisp and uber chic.It can be in plain colour or something with faux fur. The occasions calls for the embellished affair . The one with Faux fur was my apt choice for the new year’s eve celebration and the basic pink one for a casual day out.

Fur Blazer : ToBi, Pants: Forever New, Top with Faux Fur Sleeves : Zara
Blazer :Stradivarius, Shoes: Aldo, Sweatshirt Dress: Zara
 Second Essential : Leather pants
I know it may sound cringy to quite a few .. and trust me I was the one on your side , who would admire it on people but would find awkward to wear it myself. However things changed when I found a my first pair of muted looking Faux -leather jeggings. They fit well ,lined with fleece. They provide must need warmth and still look a million buck. 
White Sweater : Zaful 
Third Essential : Heavy Knitted Dress : 
Nothing more is to be sadi when it comes to winter comfort , since I am not the ones who would like to freeze in winter just in the name of fashion. I need to be warm , comfortable and yet classy. When it comes to my taste , i think a little more colour winters and muted pastels in summers scream classy edits to me . Here are my two fav picks.
 Knitted Dress : Zaful 
Dress: Zara, Pashmina Stole : Taj Khazana, Shoes : Coach 

Fourth Essential : Denim Jacket or a Denim Shirt:
The Denim on Denim trend is here to stay and I found it ethereal when it comes to classy co-ordinated dressing. Its screams casual yet it has a necessary diva flounce to it . Pair it with a nice belt and sunglasses and you would see it for yourself.

Denim Shirt : Mango, Belt : Gucci 
Denim Jacket : Flea Market (Sarojini Nagar) 
 Fifth Essential : Colourful Sweatshirt.

Sweatshirt coz its cozy and comfy and colourful coz one needs to add colour in the winter outfit which is balmed by blacks , browns and whites. Is it just me or most of the high street fashion is filled with dark edits. Here is my pick , The Blue one is from the Brand called Kook n Keech with an embellished furry cherries. The White Fuzzy one along with the Blue one are from Zaful

Blue Sweatshirt : Zaful 
Sweatshirt : Zaful
Skirt : Zaful 
I products shared have been linked (Non-Sponsored) in the picture captions.

 Hope you guys like it

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