There is time in the season when abruptly you don’t seem to find a GOOD pair of shoes in the entire city. Sometimes the style is not right and most of the time the price is definitely not agreeing with one’s budget (at least for me!).
On the other hand, the social media is not forgiving to your misery and keep flinging at you, the most gorgeous shoes on even more amazing people.
I recently went through the same turmoil.
Then through the magic of Instagram I came across: PUBLIC DESIRE.
Gorgeous shoes on amazing women, Loved them instantly. The style was right on point, at least in the pictures.
I am not talking about the high on filter professional photograph. Alternatively, I am talking about real girls sharing the look of the shoes.
These can be seen on Instagram and most importantly on their website. Every pair of Shortlisted shoes had a picture or two of girls showing off their great finds. Whenever I am venturing into an unknown territory, this tends to be make or break point for me. I would always prefer an opinion from a non-professional point of view. In short HONEST!!!.
So here, I was placing an order on the international site for those amazing shoes and at even greater prices. The Frugal girl in me was quite elated.
So after careful consideration I placed an order for two; Carissa Shoes, the Thigh High sock fit boots. The must haves for every girl this winter. These were for Rs.2500 instead of the most visible price tag of Rs. 6000, across all major high street bands in India. The pair was the most comfortable to get into and so light on one my feet.  And actually fit like a glove. I styled them with a very casual dress and also attempted to make it pair it with a classy evening dress.
The second ones: Carmela, were the classic black stilettos. Which were priced even better at 1300(approx.). I still haven’t come across a high street brand that sells great stiletto shoes in this range. Can be teamed with Jeans, Skirts, and Dresses, sky is the limit for these elegant shoes. Loved them. The fit was perfect and most importantly it felt light on my feet. Which is one quality I strive for.
Since it’s an international site. I had to pay a Delivery fee of 1200 (approx.) and THAT WAS IT!!! No additional cost, NO Custom Duty nothing at all.
I prefer this over unexpected rendezvous with the custom, taxes and other duties the moment our package arrives at your doorstep.

The shoes were here in less than 7 days all the way from UK and without an hassle. And now I can proudly call my self #pdbae.


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