If you are a person like me, who loves to see and gawk at the luxury goodies or let’s put it this way, you see a lady wearing a pair of shoe, and you can instantly point out which brands are they from.. then you are just like me …. a luxury fashion enthusiast.
I was so disheartened lately, that everyone had some of the other great shoes and I had NONE in my closet till now. I do like the shoes but I don’t want to pay $400-$500 for a pair of shoes !!! Since, I can add a little more and get a Burberry(Tote) or a Prada (Sling) bag which will last me a lifetime. 
Don’t get me wrong, its just my philosophy that I follow when i indulge in luxury shopping .
That’s why I always invest in timeless pieces always on a discount plus , now when I know I can get these “goodies”at 1/3rd the price, I am never paying retail price ever!!!
So, Without wasting any more time , lets get into the topic. There TWO Components that you need to keep a tab on, when you want to indulge in Discounted luxury shopping; TIME & PLACE
TIME because, Lot of Designer wear is available on SALE during specific time of the year. Some are available around the month of May and The most gearnormus Discounts are available POST Christmas. The sale does starts around NOV end, but the amount of bargains one can lay their hands on POST christmas sale is un-prarallel. Be it , the Valentino’s or Loubotins or my favourite the Jimmy Choo’s. Try and plan your purchases around this time of the year
Now, comes the PLACE, since these deals are not handed out easily, one needs to search. Here, I will share my guide on WHERE to search. There are few stores, one can hound like Saks, Neiman Marcus , Bergdorf etc.. however In my personal opinion , the chances of one scoring the things directly from the site are quite slimp, since 
A . All the items on discount get waved away from their STORE before it reaches the online portal.
B. even if they make it to the online portal, one only has a few seconds and I mean legitimate seconds to Tab the deal. 
So, here comes the main question :How would I  know where I have to be present on which site at what time ??
To answer this big delima ,Social Media comes really handy, particularly Instagram. There are lot of  fashion enthusiasts , who share their love for a good deal on their handle regularly and by regularly i mean on hourly basis.. if you follow them , they have already searched the high and low of online shopping portals and share their finds on their stories, with size and Price. I happen to follow a few and in this case Instagram Handle of “THRIFT & Tell” and” Luxe_Hunt” came really handy. 
One only need to follow the stories diligently for a few days like 4-5 days max and within no time, you would see, the one of your beloved brand in your size available at a great discount. Obviously,  the link to deal in attached to their stories. In case of thrift & tell , since the instagram followers are below 10K, one needs to message her for a link , for which she replies in under a minute everytime !!!
So, In my case, I landed My Jimmy Choo’s via a story link provided by Thrif & Tell, where She posted the picture of the  jimmy choo shoes in size 38 !! and I was ecstatic and elated. I requested her for the link and she replied within minutes and the link was to the shoes listed on THEREALREAL.com for $195. There was a storewide discount of 20% off plus a new subscriber get $25 store credit as well. 
So the shoes which were originally for $400 onwards
Available on the site for =  $195
Deduct the 20% Sitewide Discount lead the drop in price by $39 to = $156
Minus the store credit of $25, the new final price for the shoes became = $131
So from $400 and upwards, the price now became $131. 
My golden rule is to invest in classic pieces so they can emain in my wardrobe for long long time !!!
Hope You Find This Helpful.

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