Being a New Mom.. the world centres around our baby… the bond is mystical yet strong and the most magical of its kind and so gratifying.

When the our world is revolving around our baby.. we all tend to take the back seat.. and why not.. since we all were awaiting the baby’s arrival so eagerly and earnestly.
To add to our support, our body is fully equipped to handle the few challenging yet blossoming upcoming months (at least , thats what I have realised).

This is my post on How I lost 25 kgs , I gained during pregnancy within 6 months and without taking my baby OFF the centre stage. So Lets start;

I weighed 62 Kgs before Pre-Pregancy and being 5’8″ , I looked quite alright and felt fit.

During my pregnancy I Gained a Whopping 22 kgs!!! Thats true… I weighed 84 kgs by the end of my pregnancy… 
It was not like I was gorging on food at every hour of the day… however I did witness some odd cravings … like potato curry .. which i use to detest and accompanied with fried food.. again , for which I was never a big fan … anyways.. I didn’t intend to gain that amount of weight… no one does… my weight gain was gradual … and never had any effect on my Blood Pressure since it always came out normal during every check up.
For the exercise part .. I just walked for 1/2 hour every day and accompanied it with few squats during the last trimester.

Even though, I wanted to have my baby Naturally, however after going through more than 25-26 hours of labour which included more than 12-14 hours of active labour (ouchhh !!!! the mom’s who  went through delivery, knows exactly what I am talking about )
Anyways, despite all of it.. my doctors decided, that its time I go for the c-section since it was not advisable that I wait any longer… Like any other girl.. I had my reservations against a C-section.. but surprisingly it isn’t bad..
Infact now I have become one of the biggest advocators of C-section delivery.. I had my baby in 5 mins !!!! and NO issues what so ever !!!! not even C-section scar care was a worry. Read on and you will know …

So just like any other baby delivery, one tends to loose a little weight instanlty at the time of birth , because of the baby weight accompanied with the placenta weight , amniotic on and so for… I weighed around 74-75 kgs post delivery.

Now comes the most important Post-Partum Care (8 weeks post delivery).
Here I realised, that human body is magical and a wonder by itself.. it’s equipped to handle everything … including child birth and automatically reboots our body to the pre-pregnancy state without any efforts.. it just needs time and some rest..
So obviously exercise during this time is not advisable, for obvious reasons.. and I have a picture of my self.. which was taken 6th day post delivery !!!

Here I started to feel like my normal self in terms of energy and trust me C- section scar care only involves a water proof bandage that one gets just before I left he hospital and 5 days later.. the doctor removed the bandage and said and I quote  -” You are done !!”.
I told you .. No ISSUES WHATSOEVER !!!

Now, since the digestion post delivery can be a little sensitive issue.. I stuck to easily food … or whatever I was craving for sans the fried food.. since it made me feel parched and gave me stomach troubles… so my food during the day would look something like this :

Breakfast : Omelette and Two slices of bread
Lunch : Some rice, Big Bowl of Lentils and accompanied with Green Leafy vegetable
Snack: Glass of Milk , accompanied with a sandwich or any knick-knacks I craved (light)
Dinner : Chapati . Big Bowl of Lentils and accompanied with Green Leafy vegetable or sometimes chicken or a lamb curry.

In addition to the diet , the mom’s ensured that I have warm water to drink only .. so for the 8 weeks I just had warm water… never room temperature water leave alone cold water or water with ice.. this ensured that the bloating or swelling in the body reduces substantially.. also helps in reducing weight .. and they were right..

I tired on my jeans on 12-15th day and I fit right into them .. have a look

 By the end of the 8 weeks I weight 67 kgs….

From 84 kgs , I came down to 67 kgs within 8 weeks post delivery and lost 17 Kgs !!!! by doing nothing.. utilising my time to trying to master the art of taking care of my beloved little one and a little resting…

In the mean while … People around me .. badger me so confidently that I woudn’t be allowed to leave the house and resume my life …and I should forget about exercising for another 3 months ..

At the my doctor’s visit.. she said and I quote ” you are good, its time you exercise ” and now imagine me .. with my mouth wide open.. trying to say WHATTTTTTTTTTT!!!

Anyways, moving on..after 8-9 weeks.. the my appetite was back to normal and so was my diet and I bid good bye to the warm water for good and had the time of my life with my baby…

Since Now I was left with only 5 Kgs to go  and I was ready to take my sweet time !!!

I decided to exercise like pre-pregancy wise.. at home workout ; cardio for 25-30 mins, accomopanied with 50 crunches and 50 squats.. total time 30-35 mins.. nothing more.. since I am not the kinds who could spend hours exercising..Within a month or so I was 65-66 kgs and it remained stagnant till 4 months post delivery.

I did face some Knee Pain (On- Off ) and some lower back pain.. for which I was advised to loose weight ..

My other fellow new Mommy’s suggested to make dietary changes, with the help of an APP : MyFitnessPal … This app is god sent .. trust me Not Sponsored to say any of it !!!
Based on the info you put in ; Height, Current Weight and Goal weight.. its tabulates the maximum total calorie intake for the day .. for me it was 1400 calories..which would include the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner , Snack , Water Intake minus the calories burned while exercise. This also includes calories of any drink one had during the day

After a few days I realised I was always taking in more than 1400 calories each day !!! so I decided to change a few things  in my diet like reducing the mid meal snacking and trying healthier options in order to be under the calorie mark and after being consistently doing this for 10 day –  I lost 1 kg!! and it continued for every next 15-20 days  , till I weighed 61 kgs and after which I began to loose 1 kgs every 40- 45  days .

Currently I Weigh 59 kgs !! This is my journey where , I became fitter for the baby without taking the centre stage away from my baby…

Hope you guys liked it..


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