I am one of those girls who yearn for a glowing healthy skin and is always in a quest for finding simple yet EFFECTIVE solutions. So here I am sharing my tired and tested, much adored solution for a Glowing skin AKA Glass Skin.

Let’s me first take a moment and discuss, what is a Glass Skin effect. This is where ones skin resonates the feel and look of a crystal clear shiny glass i.e. ones skin looks super clear and also has a natural shine to it.
Now who wouldn’t enjoy that …

I read a lot about it, the articles clearly stated one thing, ones skin is smooth and nourished… which in common lingo means SCRUBBED and MOISTURISED.
Contrary to popular belief this doesn’t always require Korean skincare products… since its a korean skincare regime.. nor does it require 8-9 steps of daily skin care regime..

I personally, tired a few different measures and came up with a simple solution to achieve that…

All you would need is ; Scrub and moisturiser along with a face pack. I would suggest you to use only those products that suits you well , since the idea is to be CONSISTENT with the regime with ONLY those products that suits YOUR SKIN TYPE.

So now lets start;
-Scrub your face for 3 mins straight, dont be harsh, its your skin , just go about light circular motions.
– Follow it up with a face pack of your choice ( just to fasten the process , since I needed the results in 5 days)
– Follow it up with a warm towel on your face for only 20 seconds (this will ensure, the moisturiser gets absorbed better, don’t worry about the open pores, since 20 seconds of warm towel doesn’t open ones pores.
– Follow it up with a thick moisturiser , THICK being the key word , incase your skin is dry like mine, thicker the better, incase its oily, thicker becomes a relative term, where the moisturiser needs to be a little thicker than the day cream and incase your skin is normal ( I am jealous !!!) go about using anything you prefer.

Go Off to sleep ..

I would suggest the following things , to be kept in mind;
– Scrub only on alternate days and for not more than 5 days,
– Prefer to do it before bedtime, so that the skin has the maximum time to absorb the moisturiser.
– Use the products that SUIT you, since this skin care regime is not about the products, but more about the consistency.
– Please follow it only ONCE a day.

I tired this method for 5 DAYS regularly and voila … you can see the change for yourself..

The products I used during this time, for my Sensitive and Dry skin , kept of varying since I love collecting skin care products and wanted to try different one each day. The products I used were :
– Home made face scrub with honey and granulated sugar or Himalaya Apricot scrub or Neem Scrub.
– Face pack would include; Multani Mitti or Lotus Face pack, or Himalaya face or Garnier White Complete Scrub.
– Moisturiser included a Cold Cream , preferably from ponds or a light moisturiser mixed with vaseline petroleum jelly.

I also shared my ritual on my Youtube channel with the actual day to day footage.
Hope you guys like it ..

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