Well! Tanning is a art in most parts of the world… like spray tan , tanning lotion.. and other jazz.. . However if you are staying near the equator.. yes the Equator !!! (seems like geography class !! ) anyways..moving on…  if you are living in a hot country like me. with the average temp raging anywhere between 35-43 degrees celcius !!! (yes thats true for New Delhi, India !!)

Tanning is not an art but a nuisance.. since you are already struggling to maintain the skin balance along with the heat balance and this exorbitant amount of patchy Sun Tan  peeking away is just not worth it..

So like any other girl obsessed with finding simple NATURAL solutions.. here I am sharing my monthly routine … YES .. MONTHLY ROUTINE .. to get rid of this patchy  unwanted Tan…

The idea for a skin regime for me is quite simple : its need to be effective and it CANNOT be complex. period !!

So here i am sharing my home made mix which i apply for exactly 5 mins and get my Tan-free skin back , and this needs to be followed only ONCE a month ..incase you are severely tanned..  one can start this regime on weekly basis. Once you have your desired results.. you can make this routine monthly.. since this includes all natural products..one does not have  to worry about the COST, Effects and Allergies as well ..

So here is my Before shot (un-edited )

We now require to make a sun tan removal pack made of easily available household products;
-Besan/ Gram Flour – 1 Tbsp
-Rice Flour – 1 Tsp
-Multani Mitti – 1 Tsp
and Cold Milk to make into a paste .

Before applying this pack, i wash my skin with a limd soap in order to get rid of any moisturiser etc.

After this I apply it on my arms and my feet (where I tan the most and its also the most visible ) wait for it to dry and wash it away with water. I ensure that I  apply a thick layer of the paste so that all the areas are well covered and the cold milk make my skin sooth down a little as well.

Here you can see the results (these are un-edited pics) this works everytime !!

Hope you guys will try it.. if you do.. please do let me know.

Tanz Worldd

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