Hope this blog finds you in good health.

I know you must be wondering why have I started this blog as formal letter.  However, I would like to just state that I genuinely hope that , whenever you decide are read my blog; You are in good health.

Anyways, moving on from heart to heart & tell a tell and lets move on to the blog. Here,  I would just give to my choice of holiday outfits on my recent trip to Spain and Portugal.

Now, whenever I am travelling , I always check the weather since fashion and weather needs to hand in hand, since yours truly has been left sweltering hot  or numbing cold due to bad outfits choices or lets put it this way.. my lack of knowledge and acceptance for the local weather.
If you don’t agree with me, then i urge you to check out my Instagram where I chose to wear the summer outfits in the numbing South African winter (stupid , southern hemisphere.. ), This moment also form part of NOT so  proud moments of my life , fashion-wise… rest glitches of my life are best left for another blog or many many other blogs.

Anyways, moving on once again .. we deiced to visit , Barcelona and Madrid along with Lisbon in Portugal. The weather was quite pleasant between 11-15 degrees in Spain and around 20-22 degrees celcius in Lisbon .
Hence, you will find me sometimes in a jacket and and sometimes in a spaghetti top. Since I would like to highlight that I went well prepared or so I believe.

I also thought of keeping a theme in for this holiday , where the outfit should be a tribute to two main aspects of my life  ; Love for Pastel colours and outfits I haven’t worn yet.
Ironically I was left with most of the outfits from Zara, which could mean either of the three things :
I love Zara too much .. or
The most forgotten outfits in my wardrobe are from Zara ..or
I shop from Zara keeping holidays in mind ONLY…
Anywhich ways.. my heart and a considerable part of my salary belongs to Zara.

Hope you like my holiday outfits or Pastel Love when it comes to fashion.


Day 1 : Madrid
Top : Zara, Jacket : Net and Jeans : Next
Day 2: Madrid
Top : Forever New, Culottes : Zara, Scarf : Accessorize
Day 3: Segovia
Outfit : Zara
Day 4: Barcelona
Top and Skirt : SnobBox (Subscription Box)
Day 5: Barcelona
Crop Top : Zara
Day 6: Lisbon,
 Top and Pants : Zara
Day 7 : Lisbon
Top : Zara , Jeans : Next , Sunglasses : Chanel
Watch : Armani

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