The last month can easily be declared the month of unveiling New range of lipsticks.

Be it From L’oreal to Colorboar to Nykaa.. You name it and the brand launched a new range. The new avid lover of makeup in me (a new found attribute)  made me place an order for NOT one but SEVEN new lipsticks. Some were newly launched and some were just new to me, all in the shades of Pink.
Now you might wonder, why I chose the colour pink.  Well the logical blogger in me would like to emphasize the point that this was done only with the intention of logical comparison. Since all were the variety of rich mattes, a colour pigment comparison would lend an additional edge.

However the honest girl in me feels shy to point out that I Love and breathe PINK and only Pink!! I Think, the adolescent me has still not left the building.
Now coming to the Lipstick review; L’oreal launched its new Gold Obsession series, which consisted of deep-pigmented rich colors. Love the lush colours however truth be told I have always been biased towards L’oreal for its affluence, magnificence and its sheer opulence.

L’oreal Gold Obsession : Rose Gold Rs.1025/-

 Then comes the Creamy Matte sensations by Maybelline priced much better than L’oreal (almost half ) and the colours are rich and matte. Matte to the extent that it doesn’t make my lips feel parched. 

Along with the Creamy mattes I also came across the Vivid matte collection and adored it only for the colour selection. Such light spring colours in one range is hard to find.

To emphasize the richness Lakme launched its Argan oil collection, leaving your lips nourished and supple and still end up with the long lasting stay.

Nykaa came with its own new branch, The Nykaa Paintstix. These were the most affordably priced out of all the newly launched. This range is another rich matte with the long stay and all creamy mattes.

Chambor Transfer proof lipsticks have one of the most gorgeous colours in its selection, which feel rich and radiant. 

However the master find in this quest was the Colorbar Lipstains which were priced better than L’oreal and have a feel of your very own highly pigmented Kylie lip colours. Of-course at a much affordable price minus the shipping hassles. I must also add they -Don’t leave your lips feel gasping for water.
Hope you like the review and swatches. 
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Tanz Worldd

Maybelline Creamy Matte ; Faint for Fuchsia Rs.575/-

Lakme Argan Oil Collection : Lush Rose Rs.780

Maybelline Vivid Collection ; Vivid14 Rs.475/-

Colorbar Lip Stain, Royal Pink Rs.725/-

Chambor Transferproof ; Shade 402 Rs. 840/-

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