As a girl , as long as I remember I always wanted the shiny new things from these beautiful designer showrooms. However since my aspiration doesn’t agree with my pocket. I tried to put my aspirations on the back seat and tried to forget about it.

Having said that, one day I finally decided that I would put an end to this misery and would Ultimately purchase SOMETHING from one of these shiny stores .. However I wasn’t  clear on what “SOMETHING” meant at that time.. but it had to be beautiful,  that I could wear and be a proud owner of , irrespective of the size & style and of course closest to my budget (ahhmm… closest to the budget after saving for 6 months) that would mean saying bye to the beautiful Zara clothing or online binge shopping at Shein etc etc for many months. I didn’t even  buy shoes , which are my BIGGEST weakness (sign of my great sacrifice !!)

Then I came across beautiful Chanel pieces all over Instagram available for purchase with the help of these wonderful Personal Shoppers situated all across the globe.
Coming from India , the land with just ONE Chanel Boutique . The idea of shopping ONLY limited number of pieces was not that enticing. Plus to add to my misery there was a  differential pricing policy (things are way more expensive here than in USA)

Anyways,  luckily I came across a wonderful and very patient personal shopper in USA (trust me !! i can be a handful ).  She had some beautiful collection of bags, accessories , shoes from all those shiny boutiques that I loved with Eyes as wide as it can get.
 One fine day , I saw a piece of jewellery (brooch) that caught my eye.. just out of curiosity I enquired about the price.. needless to say it was still a little over my budget despite being so small in size. I mean for the price,  I should be given a brooch matching the size of giant cookie (hope you get what I mean).

However when I shared my budget, I anticipated that I would be politely turned down . To my great surprise  , she  shared 4-5 earrings options closest to my budget. I was able to  choose the bigger size which sat comfortably in my budget.

Finally it was my time to conquer.
Made a decision to get these Beautiful Iridescent Earrings home. Thats when I got my very fist Chanel earrings in size which is not the size of the nickel but  the WHOLE DIME.

I decided to share this with you since I know there are so many girls like me out there.. who are eyeing these shiny things but keep those wishes way way way back on their priority list. Plus there is no guidebook available on how a frugal girl could lay hands on these shiny pieces. Therefore, decided to share my experience and also share the new avenue i explored ; Personal Shoppers.

Just a little pointer on how to select your personal shopper ;
Try to find some one in your city / country since it removes the shipping cost and duties cost that are an added cost to the purchase,  however if you are like me .. with no one around in India  .. try to find One that ships worldwide.
Explore their page, see the customer reviews, since people tend to thank the shoppers on regular basis and they happily share the customer review regularly, this will ensure that they are genuine.
Then try talking to them and they will ensure you will land with nice goodies well in your budget.

So.. after all the months of saving and being frugal can be difficult (trust me ! I know !!) but at the end its all worth it . Plus who says we have to own the biggest shiny object even a small DIME size thing can lend a lot of sparkle

Hope you like it.
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Tanz Worldd

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