I happen to bump into Zara searching for a birthday gift for a friend and ended up with two full bags dedicated in the honour of my closet.

The word “killing It” from a spring collection is an apt adjective to define Zara’s new collection. 
Coming from a girl who is always searching for cute outfits. Anything and everything is hard to please. A girl who takes her wardrobe selection very passionately however keeps her financial situation in her complete control earnestly and diligently.
Don’t get me wrong, I have always liked Zara however it has never been the case that I fell in LOVE and Literally in LOVE with the WHOLE NEW COLLECTION. 
The collection here in question is the Poplin Collection which literally means strong fabric. However, in the Zara collection’s version this means; beautiful structured pieces enthralled by the radiant spring colours. The collection starts its love affair with the flute sleeves, cold shoulder, exaggerated structures, intricate details and captivating a girl’s dream (cute) collection in reality at affordable prices. The collection has no other rival in the  currently high street fashion (As far as my awareness goes) at these prices. 
I was determined  to buy just one and I mean only one extraordinary piece which was the dress (pic below, and you will see why ).The dress was simple yet structured, comfortable yet so elegant. exaggerated sleeves yet so understated in colour. This was right up my alley and have never owned anything like this yet. 

Just pure LOVE…. In the quest to find this dress I had to search the whole store . I mean, honestly if I am there might as well give a quick look , at the whole collection. Meticulously I start from one end and move slowly to the other. 

During this, window shopping, I came face to face with spring vintage style cold shoulder top and satisfying my quest for white, I ended with another in white. Pure dream.

The quest also landed me with a bird print unique exaggerated sleeves, tie detail crop top along with my fav ruffles and flute sleeves detail combination in one PINK BLUSH TOP. 
A MUST MUST MUST have (I hope I have emphasised my imperative suggestion ). 

To top it all the bag collection has finally done justice to the term Spring. I remember previously just chiming through the shades of brown and blacks. This time I came across satchels so beautiful specially love the one with the scarf details. I would like to call it the candy Bag. 
I think I made my point with the collection and its capability. I hope you like the collection as much as I had fun wearing them (over and over again).
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