Dress: Zara

There was a time when we didn’t have to ponder much about our outfits and simply wear our school uniforms.. simple times and great time indeed.. however now with the onset of maturity and adulthood.. we all have to deal with our office , office work and to add to my woos.. i need to think about my office wear too …
being honest i preferred the simpler times much more rather than struggling with the major decision at the start of my day .. which one hand on my chin and other on dropped hip – WHAT TO WEAR .. which ultimately leads to the classic : I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR !!! (you get the picture)

Now since i painted my morning colourfully here.. i decided to add a few staples in my wardrobe which are not the monotones and can brighten up my usual hectic day.. so here are my options for the affordable yet elegant, trendy and classy office wear look ..

First Option : Box Fitted shirt.. since i cant eliminate wearing shirt from office wear .. i tired to play around and came about wearing the box fitted shirt .. its trendy .. its fun and looks super elegant when paired with fitted trousers..

Box Fitted Shirt: Label Life, Pants : Zara, Heels : Steve Madden

Second Option : A Jumpsuit.. its a little tricky .. but can be pulled together with only one condition.. it has to be in MONOTONE or even better all black .. since all white can be little tricky to pull together.

Jumpsuit: Myntra

Third Option : Palazzo Pants… gone are the days when i cold just wear my dark , simple boring pants.. here come a new option on palazzo pants.. which can be in earthy colours like Olive, Brown or pastel shades.. and a little dainty print doesn’t harm anyone.. just pair it which a classy top .. in silk, lace .. your choice entirely.

Pants: Myntra, Lace Top : Topshop

Fourth Option: Culottes… Yes you read it right.. Culottes… i don’t mean the fun quirky ones.. but the little muted ones … in linen or even better material.. team it with the 3/4th length sleeves and you are good to go ..

Culottes : Myntra (Cover Story) , Tshirt : Zara, Shoes : Zara

Hope you liked my little tricks of the trade, in order to end my morning woos
Tanz Worldd

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