It’s time of the year again when I indulge in purchasing some designer pieces. Don’t get me wrong… I don’t intend nor do I buy designer pieces through out the year. However, a girl is allowed to dream…

Owing to the crux of making dream a reality. I stumbled upon a calculated move (totally by accident) which leads me to pay only 20% of the actual and this 20% means  $40 only not $400.
I guess, this line would hit the right cord with all the fashion enthusiasts like me…
In my quest , for fulfilling a dream. I narrowed down a store that doesn’t shy away from sharing a great discount with its customers like flat 50% off unlike those uptight stores that offer a discount of UPTO 50% on selected items. Which always and Ever leads to NO WHERE….
So after careful consideration and calculations. I found an answer to my prayers and my Time in-  BCBG Maxazaria.
Now BCBG just like any other established brand has different lines to their collection like BCBG generation for affordable fashion and BCBG Maxazaria for the real hard-core runway collection.
Runway Collection for me does not mean wearing a tutu on my head but those Graceful pure chiffon dresses in pastel colors that makes you feel like a princess without an effort.
I guess by this time… you would have guessed by now; how I tend to gallop away with my imagination when I have a rendezvous with the perfect fashion dream and in this case a DRESS.
Moving on,  I narrowed down to BCBG not because they offer flat 50% off… I narrowed them down, since they offer 30% ADDITIONAL OFF on  ALL SALE Items (NO CONDITIONS attached ) and if you are one of the lucky few then you might even get 50% Additional off.
 Which I happen to have the pleasure of enjoying recently but only ONCE.
This is coming from the girl who is sitting in Asia, eyeing clothes across the world and ends up paying 20% of the prices in her own local currency.
BCBG also allows me choose items from as affordable as $40, which is always easy on the budget and high on glam quotient.
When I am feeling a bit “Spendy” ( you know what I mean! ) I ordered a Runway collection maxi dress at 1/4 of the price- $100 (approx) THAT’S ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

Have a look at the pieces I picked up .I hope you like them ;SINCE I LOVE THEM !!!!!

BCBG Runway Dress for $112

Tropical Print dress for $59.93

Faux Leather Dress – $68

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