There comes a time in the year when the Mid Summer Sale entices every girl to make the choice of making, all so beautiful summer collection , a part of her closet at fraction of the cost. I am no other.
 I keep an eye on the all the new arrivals that made any entry to the high street fashion and online arena . However the frugal girl in me stops me from buying them at full price. Instead it makes me repeat to myself- wait a while ; no point in choosing some now when you can have them all!
The Koovs collection in India has been one constant source of One Stop reflection of current fashion trend at much affordable prices. 
On the onset of the sale, I found myself,  busy choosing the new basics in my collection which is basic in every detail but never casual. 
As my Motto for dressing goes;  – NEVER Casual!
The First one is the Cold shoulder blue dress from Disney Koovs collection. Disney collection for adults on Sale. I don’t think the statement could have ben any better. Other than the light blue dress, I also made an impulsive purchase of the White Cold shoulder dress with a Disney print. Wearing it makes me miss Disney world a lot more than usual (wonder why? ).

The Second one is the new take on Nautical print with a flare. Literally speaking, nautical print t-shirt with flare sleeves. Makes me feel a little more trendy than a I feel wearing a regular t-shirt.

The Third is the Peplum simple & elegant white top . The fabric , the description and everything else fits the bill of being basic . However this  just screams elegance to me.

The new entrant to my closet, is my first ever Denim shirt dress. Simple light breathable material where the depth is provided by the colour black. I intend on wearing it two ways ; one all  by it self and the other style, which is my favourite way of styling is over a sheath light dress. It tend to give it a more trench feel look. 

I also wanted to add another shirt dress from the H&M collection . The dress holds my favourite nautical print in a button down design which also gives a tulip dress look. 

Need I mention again that everything , and I mean everything is on SALE at 70% off.It couldn’t have been better than this. 
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