I recently went shopping for Colourpop goodies and I think its safe to say I went a little berserk. Fist of all the collection is true to its word,  indeed a Colour POP collection much BELOW THE BUDGET. By Colour Pop , I definitely mean the the pop of much needed colour with essential grace which was much lacking in my collection and by Below the budget means – The prices cant get any better. 

This was my first order since they recently started shipping to India for free .. Yes you heard me right – FREE SHIPPING !!! The packaging I must add is colourful vibrant and aesthetically beautiful. It was hard to resist shopping for almost everything on the website. However, I  did end up buying almost half of the website (to my great satisfaction ).
The first on my list was the PHASE ME OUT – Super shock Eye shadow VALUE  SET of four which can be used as highlighters as well. The collection includes colour ranging from champagne gold to Blush sparkle. The colours are muted yet elegant and perfect to use its a much need highlight pop for the eyes.
 Itty bitty, Flipper(can be used as highlighter),Going rouge (can be used as highlighter), One by one .
Next on the list was the elegant Smokey Eye look  set based on theme – NUDE EYES . It comes with a set of two sparkly shadows and two matte ones. Perfect to complete the light brownish nude smokey look.
Enough about the eyeshadow and now its time for the Blush set. I went for another value pack – DONE DEAL which includes a pink muted perfect blush and more than  perfect champagne finish highlighter. The two together form one my favourite sets . I will be honest with you, whenever I got for the value packs/ sets.  I don’t develop fondness for all the items. I guess it hold true for all of us. However this pack defies logic and is THE  FLAWLESS  collection. I highly recommend buying  DONE DEAL since its indeed a Deal Well Done .
Now its time to enjoy the Lipsticks .. There were two distinct collection that I loved , namely; Ultra Matte lipstick collection and the Lippie Stix collection.
The Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick collection is everything you look for in the matte collection sans the expensive price. 

Owing to the frugal girl in me ; I went for one of the trio value pack – PHASE ME OUT in the shades of pink . The pack included three colours; Fresh Cut ; nude pink matte collection , Curtsy is the lighter pink shade but my all time favourite is Chandelier with is the perfect Salmon pink nude colour . Just gorgeous in fact I bought this trio pack only for this shade since it was sold out individually.
Other than the value pack I also went for two different colours as well ; Bumble which is the mix between the matte maroon meets nude and the next one is also one my favourite Donut – The prefect Salmon meets baby pink colour .
Fresh Cut, Curtsy & Chandelier (From Left to Right)
Now its time for the three Lippie Stix which is nothing but Matte lipstick in a stick form for $5. Easy affordable and great to be carried in your purse kinda collection . The collection included; Lumiere a perfect Nude meets brown, Birdy is the perfect Nude colour which matches the skin tone perfectly. The last is Barely There which provides a much needed pop of pink. (Swatches in the picture below)
IF you would have made thus far; You would have guessed it by now that I have purchased way to much than I could probably use in this lifetime. The reason for that is simple ; ALL is not for me !!. I have decided to share if with you guys whose support is invaluable and cherished a lot. 
I would be sharing some Eyeshadows, Ultra Matte Lipsticks and Lippie Stix collection on my BLOG . 
The Rules of the Giveaway as follows:
  Comment about your ONE favourite item from the COLOURPOP Collection.
  BONUS ENTRY : Follow me on My Instagram 
– The contest will be open till 27 August, 2017 and of course OPEN INTERNATIONALLY .
(I am also giving away few products on my YOUTUBE Channel as well)
Hope you enjoyed reading it 

Tanz Worldd
 Ultra Matte Lipstick Collection – Fresh Cute, Curtsy, Chandelier, Bumble & Donut.
Lippie Stix Collection – Lumiere, Birdy & Barely There (From Left to Right)


  1. I really love the luminaries lipstick.. participated in the you tube giveaway and really wanna win those beautiful eyeshadows and the lipsticks..����

  2. I really love the luminaries lipstick.. participated in the you tube giveaway and really wanna win those beautiful eyeshadows and the lipsticks..����

  3. Wow really nice products u collected for us….thank you sooooo much for this giveaway….hope to win…i loved all d products n thankuu sooo sooo sooo much 😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕💕

  4. Wow such a huge and nice priducts u have . My luv for ultra matte lipsticks and dual blush and highliter. Also taken part in youtube giveaway but lost . Want to be lucky this time .��������

  5. I had no idea you had a blog as well!!! 💖💖 I actually did not buy any palette. I love the blush n highlighter and the eyeshadows!!! In love with colourpop!! 😂

  6. Wow. Your colorpop collection is fabulous �� I have never owned any colorpop products so far,but I love love their lippysticks ❤️ I have heard really good reviews about them and also the shades are very pretty. Following you on Instagram as well. My Instagram handle is delina_pinto…. Loads of Love ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Colourpop is just so amazing!! The reviews are always superb! I never own any colourpop items ..But really waana try them out..Because i love all their lipstick shades and their eyeshadows..My favourite is Ultra Matte Liquid lipstick and eyeshadows😍 Also subscribed to your channel and followed the blog for so long ..Never won anything from you..And really waana win this time..i simply adore you ❤😙😍💋 Instagram handle:__komal.agarwal__

  8. The ultra matte lipstick collection and the lipie stix are my fav❤ I am new to your blog and tbh I just love it❤ your blog posts are really very impressive❤ Also I have entered the giveaway. Would love to be one of the winners. 😘 lots of love❤ instagram- @aksheen

  9. The ultra matte lipstick collection is goals���� and are my favvv��❤ I'm new to your blog page and i just loved it��❤ i have enetered the giveaway. Hope the best win! ��❤

  10. Congratulations winners… N this time I'm late… But really wish to get lucky in Kylie giveaway… Your are very generous n kind… I love your channel n blog… It's awesome

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