The title says it all.  I took 10 items from my closet.  Yes ! existing items from the closet and after a little mix n match session  I landed  with 35 different Summer Outfits.

Since I am always struggling to find new interesting outfits to wear in my closet and I don’t like purchase new things on the drop of the hat. I take my time and add only those items that I consider  are classy and can surely last longer than the current trend. That’s why I prefer to Invest in my wardrobe rather than go on a random shopping spree. 

So now let’s start with the process, I  will share THE 10 ESSENTIAL ITEMS for the CAPSULE CLOSET for Day and  Evening looks .
-You may use the liberty to make your own colour scheme ; here for I went for monotones since I find it far more easier to combine together.
– The colour palette that I would recommend to stay in ; would be pastels and avoid any bolder big prints since they are difficult to pair and layer.

Now lets see, the 10 essential items one requires in the capsule closet. They are present in everones closet and most basic finds. 

I.     White Shirt : Preferably one is cotton or similar material. 
II.    T-shirt : You may choose your fav, that fits you well preferably avoid sleeveless.
III.   Blue Jeans : One that fits you well , avoid baggy or mommy jeans , difficult to style for the evening looks.
IV.   Trousers : I would prefer one which is high waisted n ankle grazing , since it makes legs look  longer & slimmer.
V.     Skirt : I opted for a midi , you may choose a shorter one as well.
VI.   Shorts : Please avoid denim shorts, it difficult to transition it to an evening look.
VII.  Black Dress : We all have one favourite. I added my favourite suprisingly this one is not very expensive and fits like a glove.
VIII. Jumpsuit : Preferably in satin , crepe or georgette material, apt for transition it to the evening look
IX.    Camisole : I love wearing camisole, hence its in the list
X.     Blazer : You may opt for in any colour , black , blue, grey , white etc.  However I have observed that I tend to wear lighter colour blazer more often since I am layering in Summer and its 45 degrees outside.

I would also recommend you to have style the look with Nude Pointed Shoes , Since they help elongate the look of the legs, plus look elegant and go with every outfit . The shoes can be flats or heels, totally your choice.

when I started , I will be honest  I thought,  I would end up with 15-20 different looks.. and to my great surprise, I landed with more than 35 looks however , here I my top 35 picks. While styling I realised that one real hero in this whole wardrobe turned out to be the White Shirt , since makes a wonderful layering piece better than the blazer since one can wear like a light jacket or layer it with a knotted look for a casual approach over a jumpsuit , a pair trousers or camisole  .. it was surprisingly more versatile . 

Hope you like this
Tanz Worldd

From Left to Right : Blazer Shirt & Black Jumpsuit, Shirt & Shorts, Blazer & Dress, Black Dress Blazer Camisole & Shorts, Blazer & Jumpsuit, Tshirt & Dress 

From Left to Right : Shirt & Jumpsuit, Camisole Trouser & blazer, Camisole & Skirt, T-Shirt Camisole Trouser & Blazer, Jumpsuit, T-Shirt Blazer & Jumpsuit , T-shirt, Blazer & Trouser
From Left to Right : Camisole & Jeans , Shirt & Jeans , Shirt, Blazer & Jeans, T-Shirt & Jeans,  Blazer  T-Shirt Camisole & Jeans, T-Shirt Camisole & Jeans, Shirt Shorts & Blazer 

From Left to Right : Shirt Camisole & Skirt, Blazer Camisole & Jeans, Blazer Camisole & Skirt, T-Shirt Camisole & Jeans, T-Shirt Camisole & Skirt, tshirt & Skirt, Camisole Trouser & Shirt

From Left to Right ; Balzer T-Shirt & trouser, Camisole Trouser & Shirt, Camisole & Trouser, Blazer T-Shirt & Trouser, T-shirt & Trouser, T-Shirt Camisole & Trouser, Shirt & Trouser 

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